Open Or Closed Kitchen, Which is better?

Open Kitchen Design

Its always a dream for homemakers to have their kitchen designs modern and stylish and when it comes to designing its not only about picking the colors but there are lot other factors to be considered. Some like there kitchen design to be open and public and some like it to be private and walled off. Therefore lets look the pros & cons and come up with solution.

Pros & Cons of Open Kitchen Design:

  1. Open Kitchen tends to be naturally brighter and well ventilated as compared to closed ones. 
  2. Works well for small homes as it creates an illusion of more space.
  3. Easier to keep eye on kids and to serve the foods as well.
  4. One can entertain themselves while cooking by watching movies and songs in between. 
  5. It works best for the homemakers who wants to organize parties at home. 
  6. The disadvantage is that the mess caused while cooking wont remain hidden.
  7. The sounds of kitchen appliances like mixer or dishwasher can be heard in other rooms.
closed kitchen design

Pros & Cons of Closed Kitchen Design:

  1. Closed kitchen design provides privacy to the user.
  2. All the smells & messes remain hidden inside the kitchen, away from the rest of the house. 
  3. Since the kitchen is closed from all sides, the storage & counter space increases.
  4. The disadvantage is that the closed kitchen design allows lesser access to natural light and air circulation when compared to open kitchen.


While designing a kitchen especially Indian Kitchen, the important factor is your own personal preferences and lifestyle. The open kitchen concept seems to be catchy one and people are more open to trying new design concepts, but its important to see if this concepts works best for your lifestyle.

For example, Indian cooking style includes lots of spices and process of baking, in such cases fumes cannot be prevented from entering other parts of the home with an open kitchen. But at the same if you love to organize parties and cook with friends and your relatives, then opting for half-open kitchen will be the best option. As a half wall or a pass through window will cover as well as allow  a certain degree of openness and accessibility. Hence blending with the two elements of the layouts will be the best option for the Indian homes.


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