Messy Home? How to avoid.

Room Solutions

Decorating a home is a great way and we make so many plans to make it comfortable, cozy & inviting. But its easy to go overboard and end up with messy looking space. Here are few mistakes that make your home look messy and how to avoid them.

  1. Paper Pile Up – Books, Magazines, postcards…& other such stuffs are sprinkled around every corner & surface of your house? its unwanted and can make the home messy. What to do? Once you finish reading the newspaper don’t spill the sheets on tables & chair, make a particular space to keep the paper once you have done with it. Cancel magazine subscription for titles you havnt found time to read it in few months the same applies to your postcards, file the important ones and keep a bin to scrap the unnecessary postcards. 
  2.  Solution for wornout/used/dirty clothes: clothes can be a big mess thats cluttering your home. It can be hard to break the habit of leaving the clothes where they are when you take them off. What to do? You can do a closet declutter so upu have less stuff and more room in closet for what you do use. You can establish a rule with yourself that you only take out an article of clothing out at a time, and always put back before you take a new one out. 
  3. Pushing furniture against the walls: Arranging all your furniture against the wall will make the room look messy & cluttered. what to do? pull the furniture & chairs away from the wall and make it to the centre. Also grouping of chairs around the coffee table will create the perfect conversion area. Ground the furniture with an area rug.
  4. Hanging Pictures Randomly: Pictures & wall art hung in haphazard fashion across a wall will make a room look messy and chaotic, What to do? group pictures in a gallery wall arangement, the space will instantly look organized and balanced. Try to keep the clay models & showcase dolls inside the showcase which will avoid the mess and will look organized.

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