How To Choose & Buy Windows For Your Home?

Windows for interior

Everyone wants their house/office/rooms to be more energy efficient and get the natural light and air inside. New window technology has advanced considerably, and a new set of windows could make your home much more energy efficient. Here are the key features and styles you should consider when purchasing or installing new windows.

  1. Choose your window materials: Windows are available in wood, aluminium, vinyl, fibreglass etc. Wood frames are a common choice and can be bought to match the windows which are existing.  Wood window offer a classic look, so for an older home to retain it’s original style. Vinyl is less expensive material and can be good choice if you are planning for low budget windows. Aluminium windows are best suited during rainy and winter seasons as these windows are not top performing because they transfer heat. Fiberglass windows are more expensive than other similarly equipped window units, but their selling points are many: They’re extremely energy efficient thanks to their low thermal conductivity; they’re the strongest and most durable windows on the market
  2.  Select your glass: There are a lot of window glass options to choose from, Single pane glass which is outdated and are suitable only in mild climates condition or in out buildings. Double pane windows have a sealed air space between the layers of glass to reduce heat loss. A triple pane window can save 2-3% on your heating bill compared to double pane, but they will cost 10-15% more.
  3. Watch for energy efficient windows:  As you shop, look at the R-values of your windows, they will indicate the energy efficient of building materials in insulation and windows. Higher R-values mean better insulating properties. Single window pane has an R-value of 1, while double pane windows have an R-value of 4. triple pane windows pane have R-value of 7 range.

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